"Removed deleted objects from database" is not saved when updated

On passwords admins web interface (/nextcloud/index.php/settings/admin/passwords)
when I change “Removed deleted objects from database” setting from “Never” to any other value, the page shows “Saved” message, however after page refresh (F5) it goes back to “Never”.

The setting is not saved and database still have deleted entries with a deleted=1

You’re right. The ui doesn’t handle the type correctly.

But if you set it to anything but “Immediately”, it should work, event if it doesn’t show up correctly. You can also set the entity/purge/timeout in the appconfig table (or create it) to 0, it will also work.

Entities are deleted when the cronjob is executed, so that must be done to have the entities deleted.

ok. thank you. Looks like it is saved in db, however still not shown correctly on UI. I changed to “after two hours” and entity/purge/timeout is set to 7200. So it’s good.

So the ui should now be fixed with the latest nightly or the next stable version (2021.4.0)

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