Remove user from phone


Nextcloud version - 16.0.3:
Operating system and version - Ubuntu 18.04:
Apache or nginx version Nginx v. 1.17.2:
PHP version - 7.3.7:

The issue you are facing:
I’ve added some accounts to my mobile phone. I was using another user for test purposes on my phone. I now want to remove that from the phone. But I want to leave the account live on the server.
NC documentation seems very difficult to use and incomplete. How is it possible not to be able, as a user, to find a quick answer to a trivial issue like this?

Oh the iOS app, first change to the user account, you want to delete from the phone. Then go to the “Extras/More” menu in the lower right in the screen (aka the “burger menu”). Tap the right arrow on the top and choose delete account.

Thanks. Easy! Much appreciated.

I just don’t get why this cannot be easily found in the documentation. I’d see this option but wasn’t sure if this deleted the account server side, too.

Don’t know, I didn’t expect it to remove the account the server anyway, since NC is a multi-device sync, where it wouldn’t make sense, that removing an account from a synchronized device removes the account on the server as well - the implications would be huge, that way…