Remove smart app banners :)

Hey beautiful people, thank you for making Nextcloud happen and supporting it :slight_smile:

I have been using OwnCloud for about 2 years previously, and switched to Nextcloud about a year ago. I’ve been using the services for personal use only, and it seems like I’m gonna have to allow people to use the personal cloud as well. And so I’ve been configuring things little further on my install. One thing I came across, how do you completely remove the Smart app banner from smart phone browsers? Completely.

Thanks guys!

What Smartapp banner ?

the smartphone app is the 3.2.0 nextcloud app from june 13, 2018.

maybee your still using some owncloud app

I meant the banner when you visit your private Nextcloud install on iOS Safari etc :slight_smile:

I am really sorry, i don’t exactly see what you mean:

  • i dont have any “banner” on my server, except the command bar on top with apps on the left and users/options on the right

If you “remove” that banner, how will you access the apps …

Maybe if you take a screenshot

Hehe, thanks guys. I got a screenshot, please take a look:

I’d like that completely removed, don’t want to alter just the link :slight_smile:

have you tried clicking the small X on the left side of said banner? cloud not authorizing connection ( or link deleted )

Gimme a minute, just uninstalled some php related stuff and installing php from source as well :slight_smile:

Long overdue server upgrade :smiley:


can’t access your screenshot. So I don’t know what you exactly mean with a banner.


Sorry, had to really do so some server side upkeeps.

Here’s the screenshot, wanna get rid of the “smart app banner” :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

that’s weird, i dont have any banners on my nextcloud app 3.2.0 on my one6 android 8.1.0 / OxygeneOS 5.1.8

And using Chrome on the same device, i dont have banners:

It’s sound like yo have some king off adware link to your browser maybe !

same with your url:

I am pretty sure your browser is adware friendly !!!

Well, “smart app banner” is by Apple made for iOS. So, it wouldn’t show up on Chrome browsers. I tried it on my iPad and iPhone using Chrome browser, it wouldn’t show, as well as on my OnePlus 2 Oreo 8.1 :slight_smile:

It’s mobile Safari only :slight_smile:

not here, my friend.
btw: did you try this?

So the problem is not dismissing the Smart App Banner, which is what pressing the “X” does, it’s that there is a prompt at all.

So reading the Apple documentation, see, it is apparent that this Smart App Banner appears because of the meta markup in the header, namely:-

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=1125420102">

The only way I managed to stop the Smart App Banner from popping up was to remove that tag using the JSLoader app and getting it to run:-


Ideally though, there should be some way to turn it off. There are plenty of use cases, one is a survey using Forms that is open to the public. You do not need anyone to authenticate themselves and having the Smart App Banner only confuses end users in this case.

(Don’t forget to refresh the iOS Safari cache to try it out. See for how to do that.)