Remove reset password from home page

I would like to remove the option"Reset Password" from the Home Page.
Can you please assist me on how to do this?

My details are the below:
Operating System: Linux 5.4.0-52-generic x86_64
PHP Version: 7.4.11
Database: mysql Version: 10.5.6
Nextcloud Version: 20.0.0

So either… you really like to help users out when they forget their password, or you’re one of those kinds of administrators who wants to force users to use a password that you set. I’m guessing the latter. Better option for everyone involved is for you to use the “impersonate” plugin and set a minimum password complexity. This way there is nothing to gain by you having access to user passwords.

Maybe he’s just syncing ldap-users (read-only) and the reset function is pointless?

@Ntinos : You can hide the reset link with the customCSS-app and the following code:

#lost-password {display:none;visibility:hidden;}

But you have to know, that users with technical knowledge will be able to make it visible again.

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Thanx for your reply.
You didnt guess right, i want to remove it temporarily cause i have one issue with the configuration of my email server regarding to the emails from 3rd party applications.
I already use the impersonate.

Thanx a lot for your reply.
The users have no technical knowledge and i want this as a temporary solution :grinning:

You can set it also in config/config.php

'lost_password_link' => '',

Because of this thread you can disable it.

'lost_password_link' => 'disabled',

Case closed : 'lost_password_link' => 'disabled', works in NC19.0.1

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hmm… for me this does not work :frowning: