Remove "Private/Confidential" flag from Calendar entries automatically

I am using CalDav to sync my calendar (
The problem I have cannot be solved directly with CalDav, therefor I am here.

Is there a way to remove the private/confidential flag from all entries of a specific calendar somehow automated?
If yes, can someone guide me through the process?


you do use outlook?
so why not setting up the default to non-private and then once remove the private-flag for all entries of this calendar withing outlook?

The Outlook/Exchange calendar is the company calendar I share with my collegues so they can schedule meetings. Therefor I need the private flag in Outlook/Exchange. I do not want multiple calenders to maintain, but I can share the company calender with external persons but they see the same as my collegues, private appointments are marked as busy (which is how the system works).
My idea is to sync all that data to my nectcloud calendar (so far so good) and use CalDav (which is not working) or any other mechanism to remove the private/confidential flags so I can share this single calender with all appointments with my family so the can schedule things without bugging me all the time if I have time or not.
In this case it would make sense to see not only the busy state but also the subject and other information of all the entries

I know this is very unique, but I hope there is a solution :slight_smile: for my lazieness