Remove newest from sidebar


I would like remove the newest line frome apps sidebar :


I trying lot of thing, but my knowledge in js/php was very limited.

Someone to help me?


Have a good day.

No one have an idea ?

I don’t know an option to disable this. Not sure if there is a good reason to ask to add such an option, you can always try to search the code for it.
I think the list is loaded here:
You could check where this is called and comment it out. Or just let it return an empty list (is not exactly what you asked for)

I’d have to try such things myself, commenting out things etc. Don’t forget to backup before, things can break if you don’t know what you are doing.

Or perhaps just comment this line:

I’d recommend to use the custom_css app to hide this section…

Hello, thank for reply, the custom css app?
I don’t know what is it.
Could you explain ?

Thank for the reply.
Unfortunatly, I’m not a developer and I don’t know what I am to do :sweat_smile:

You simply install that app, visit the theming settings with an admin and can add your custom css rules which also allows to e.g. remove the entry on the left that you want to remove.

I arrived to remove all of panel but not only one entry :sweat:


You know which file and which line need to modify?

Install customCSS. Go to settings → design and add the following in the bottom section:

.nav-recent{display:none; visibility:hidden; height: 0;}
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You’re amazing.
Thank you very much !!!