Remove local data entry from oc_storages ? 3 entries


I moved a old nextcloud installation from webhosting to a server. There was a strange thing with the “datadirectory” in “config.php”, sorry, not shure exactly, but I found the date in “nextcloud/data” and changed the entry. Ok, working.

But then I tried to update and:
Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:

so I removed: ok

But question is:
When I look into the database table “oc_storages” I habe 3 times “local”

  1 | local::/homepages/0/d546/htdocs/Nextcloud/data/
10 | local::/var/www/nextcloud/ 
11 | local::/var/www/nextcloud/data/

I only use 11 data
can I simply remove 1 and 10
or do I have to remove 10 and 11 and change 1 to correct path?

Thank you very much!

I’d check on other tables (especially oc_filecache) if there are still references to the other storage ids. If yes, I’d clean that up first by cleaning unvalid entries (there are some cleaning commands via occ). After that, you can probably remove 1 and 10.
I say probably because that is nothing supported, I could have missed something, when you do operations manually, you can also delete more or the wrong things by accident ==> BACKUP!!