Remove folder in root in guest account

Hi all,
I’m runnig nextcloud 19.0.4 with the guest app and it’s all working fine.
But when a guest is opening his account he not only sees in the root the shared folder, but also folders like Documents, Photos and something like nexctcloud.png and the manual.
Is there a way for admins to remove these content, as it is just confusing my client?

Many thanks!

Perhaps this are the skel-files. If you delete the files in the skel folder new users does not get the files. But i do not really know if guests get this files, too.

If you delete files from a user from the file system (rm …) you must re-scan with occ.
Perhaps you also can use impersonate to change to the user and then delete the files.

Many thanks!
‘skeletondirectory’ => ‘’,
to the config .php solved my problem!
Using impersonate did not work.
There was no option to delete anything in the root…