Remove (2) or (3) from directory names


lately i reordered data on my hard drive.
i changed data directory’s place, and also changed some paths to external contents.
this means i had to share again previous directories from external storages to the other users.

nextcloud appended a (2) or even sometimes a (3) to these directory names, but it doesn’t have sense since the original directory doesn’t exist anymore… (it has just moved).

how could i get rid of these extra numbers ?

could you please provide us some more informations about your system?

it’s a nextcloud 10.0.2 on debian

i also had some errors when i was scanning the files.
so finally i just emptied the tables concerning the files on the database :
and rescan everything.

of course i had to recreate all the shares manually.
and also every user now have to remove their favorites and recreate them again, because they point on bad ids.
btw anyone knows where are stored these favorites (files) ? I can’t find them in the db : their is no oc_favorites or so

the only weird thing left are the bad links (due to the bad ids) on the files in the activity history. I can live with it.