Remote wipe feature please


I guess this goes to all clients: android, ios and desktop

If I remember correctly this was the plan of @LukasReschke all along. But we first need proper token support. Else you will lose all data everywhere.

Isn’t token support coming with 9.1?

Yes. But it still requires client-side work. Step by step this will come along :wink:

Help of course welcome, join us at #nextcloud-dev in Freenode for that :slight_smile:

Ok, perfect. thanks :slight_smile:

This is just a note to say this would be a great thing for those of us who are managing nextcloud for SMBs.

I notice that in 10.0.1 we’ve got Sessions listed in our Personal admin area but it would be awesome to let admins both disconnect and remote wipe clients of other users (when we hear their laptop has been stolen/left behind on public transport again)

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For sure, IMHO this is a must-have.

Hi all, is anyone still looking at remote wipe functionality? This would be great for SMB’s.