Remote desktop client fails to connect reliably - clients in our internal network work great

I’ve been having this problem for a few months now. After trying lots of solutions I decided to rebuild my server. The new server is running Nextcloud 11, Nginx on an Ubuntu singleboard computer (Odroid). This is different hardware than the previous system. My problem persists: On systems outside my office network the nextcloud desktop clients connect occasionally but not reliably. When they do not connect I can always force a reconnect by removing the account and adding it back to reestablish a connection. During periods of failed connection I can always login to the web interface but not establish a webdav connection. It seems that Webdav is not being patient enough to establish a connection.

My personal nextcloud account has about 35 gigs. Is that too much? I thought that I might be overloading the singleboard computer but the system load rarely reaches 1.0.

Any ideas? I’m thinking of trying to run this in a hosted environment? Any suggestions where I might host?


My first thoughts are that the issue must be with your internet connection?

A remote connection over a slow link wouldn’t put more strain on your server. If anything, it would be less strain than from something local pushing or pulling data at higher speed.

What kind of broadband connection do you have? What kind of router? You said you can remotely browse the Nextcloud web interface ok, but can you also remotely upload/download reasonably large files ok through it?

Found the problem. Faulty cable modem in the office.

Thanks for giving my a shout and encouraging me to pursue.


Cool, glad you tracked it down :slight_smile: