Remote Access, Dual-WAN

Good Day! I’m currently stumped on how to proceed. My network setup is:

2 ISP (which doesn’t provide public static IP) connected to my PfSense (WAN) box, configured with loadbalancing. My NextCloud server connected to my Pfsense (LAN) box.

What I want to do is make my NextCloud server accessible online. And, I want my both my ISPs to handle the traffic. What should i do?

Frankly… nothing. The conenction is load-balanced outbound, not inbound. You cannot achieve this, using both ISPs at the same time. I also believe, that even outbound connection are running over one ISP, once the pfSense decides which port it will use for that connection.

That’s sad. Maybe I’ll setup my nextcloud to other location where there’s more reliable ISP. I live in a rural area that’s why I use 2 wireless ISP which are horrible.

Another thing, can’t I achieve it even if I use Dedicated IP VPN Servers?

Since your NC instance always hides behind one of your two routers, the other endpoints cannot know, that your’re NC instance could be reached via two IPs at all. No VPN can handle that for you.