Remember Login with OAuth2 (Social Login)

I use the Social Login OAuth2 feature with Mailcow as login provider. Everything works fine, beside the fact that I need to re-login (on the same machine, same browser, same IP) almost every time I close the browser. Is there a possibility to remember the login for a longer period that works with OAuth2 login? Or is it something I need to ask Mailcow about?

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Most likely.
Nextcloud itself has the opposite “problem” - it does not log you off for days…

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I think the culprit is Nextcloud here, not Mailcow.

Nextclouds sets 4 cookies:

  • __Host-nc_sameSiteCookielax = true until year 2100
  • __Host-nc_sameSiteCookiestrict = true until year 2100
  • oc8dhqxagcjv = […] until session ends
  • oc_sessionPassphrase = […] until session ends

If I modify the two latter ones and set the expiration to the same year as other ones, the login persists.

Maybe the social login plugin modifies the cookie expiration?

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