Remains of a deleted calendar

How can I delete the remains of a deleted calendar?
I’m already explaining - I made a new calendar, gave it the name own_calendar - then tested it and finally deleted it.
Then I made a new - with the same name - own_calendar. NextCloud added -1 to the name.
But… the old calendar is still saved, because doing a sync from the external application vdirsyncer for tasks from the todoman application - vdirsyncer shows me all existing calendars - even those that were deleted. Is this first e.g. own_calendar and the next ones named own_calendar-1 own_calendar-2 etc. even as own_calendar and own_calendar-1 have been deleted from NextCloud.
I checked that they are stored in the database in the oc_calendars table.
How can this be removed? I looked in the documentation / maintenance for NC - I could not find such help.
Do any of you know how to do such cleanup?


The Calendar app has its own Trash bin. Question just to be sure: Did you also remove the deleted calendar from the trashbin (Delete permanently)?

Hope that helps,
much luck!

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Oh boy… There was no question :wink:
Another hour in front of the computer turned off my thinking ;(
Of course I see the item “garbage can” - I didn’t check…
Everything is ok :slight_smile:

I will still use this question - whether to manually delete from the database:
DELETE FROM oc_calendars WHERE own_calendar-1;
Will such a manual modification cause any problems in operation?
This is already asking for the future - not so much referring to my stupid question :wink: but to the overall performance of NC.

My advice: keep your hands off the database as long as you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

You never know exactly what relationships the data sets have with each other.

If you still want to fiddle with it, be sure to make a backup first. You are on your own with that.

Much luck!

I am 100% aware of this, but with such a silly question (a simple oversight whit this trashbin) I am curious about the sheer depth and dependency of database.
I ask because of the fact of NC being open source and what can be done manually and to what extent - have any users made such manual modifications?
Ok - on a production installation I won’t do it :slight_smile: but I’m curious for my own knowledge.
Sometimes I litter my head with such questions and combinations :wink:

Probably there won’t be any problems in Nextcloud operation.
BUT: this command will not delete any events/tasks from the database which are stored in other tables than oc_calendars. So possibly database queries might take longer and slow down Nextcloud if the deleted calendar contained a lot of events or tasks.

Maybe it would be better for you to disable the calendar trashbin and let Nextcloud do the cleanup itself when deleting a calendar.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: