Release date for 21.0.1?

Hi there,

Just wondering if there’s work being done for 21.0.1? And if so, is there a rough release date expected?

We’re waiting for a point release before upgrading from version 20 to 21 in our production environment.


21.0.1 is out and since today the update get offered to 30% of the user base (of 20 instances). (see Rollout 21 to 30% by rullzer · Pull Request #555 · nextcloud/updater_server · GitHub)

if you don´t want to wait you could change stable-channel to beta-channel upgrade and switch back.

Oh wow, looks like 21.0.1 was literally published 1 hr ago as you posted! Release v21.0.1 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Great, thanks! Exciting!