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I’ve recently switched to Nextcloud and so far I’m very happy with it, thank you all for your work.

I have a request, and please don’t get offended. I would like to be able to subscribe to something in order to receive an email any time a new version of Nextcloud is released. But I really don’t have any interest in release candidates or other non-final releases. So I unsubscribed myself from both the News and Releases categories.

Is there a way to do that? I’d rather not force myself to check manually (that will happen once every two years).


Hi Mig21,

I also miss such “Hey bro, there´s an update to NC available, go get it!” feature. I think it´d be quite easy to implement.

What I did and might be of interest for you: I let NC notify me if there´s a productive update available.

For this I used this script as a basis:

…and optimized (but didn´t publish it yet) it a bit. If you´re in full control of the server/system NC runs (so you can create a cron etc.), this is a quite good solution in my opinion. Works for a few months already.

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Thanks e-raser, I was able to adapt that script relatively easily to work on my system.

Did you ad a feature to it so that it will not send more than one email per version update?

Well, there is a Github issue for that:

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