Relay input checks in the Link share options dialog

Using Win 10 , Nextcloud 3.5.4 (this morning I used 3.5.0 and some things changed but the dialog still sucks):

How to reproduce:

  1. In the Windows file explorer, right-click a file or folder, go to Nextcloud → Sharing options

  2. Create a link and create an expiry date

  3. Try to change the date to today plus less than a month. Today is 22.08.22, so change it to 20.09.22

  4. Cry and grab a coffee because the dialog is a sneaky btch.

Seriously, the average 16 year old kid in our IT class in school made better input validation functions. If the user types a digit and Nexctloud prevents that digit from appearing, then this is frustrating. I don’t want to play games or puzzle on what digit I have to type in first to get the result I want. This shouldn’t be Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training but a simple and intuitive date dialog.
Yes, I found out I need to enter the month first, then put the cursor back to the day and then change the day - is this what you wanted? Do you call that an intuitive dialog? I don’t.
Let the user type in whatever the fck he wants, then validate and show a warning if necessary. If not, maybe the user was smarter than your input dialog validation function in the first place.