Relative path to data dir possible?

the question is simple enough: is it possible to set the data path of Nextcloud relative to something (NC-basedir, docroot, nc config dir, whatever), which isnt root?

apparently the webhosting I use is chrooted when going in via SSH which immediately breaks occ which needs the datafolder relative to the chroot, but for some reason that doesnt apply to the site, which instead needs the true root. relative paths would easily eliminate this problem though.

So you ssh is chrooted but the execution of php files (called via webbrowser) not (so the webserver and the commands via command line would need a different absolute path)?

for web I need the full path, and for occ only starting from the userfolder (aka the chroot point.

I don’t follow the development closely enough. There were discussion when changing the datafolder where the path is not only set in the config file but as well in the database. I suppose they check somewhere if these are absolute path. But I don’t know if that is just done to avoid confusion or if there are other reasons.

In your chroot-enviornment, you could create the same absolute paths and create hard links to the data folder…

that’s an interesting idea.
I was never really aware of the data folder existing in the db, and I think I moved a data folder of some nextcloud installs a few times with only changing in the config, and when I occ updated I also only had to change in the config.

would be weird though to have it at multiple places imo

I found another fun way to do it although one needs to be careful as tools might overwrite it at times.
considering the home dir is correct for both environments one can go full fun here and do this in the config:

  'datadirectory' => posix_getpwnam('YOUR_USERNAME_ON_SERVER')['dir'].'/nc-data',

would be honestly awesome if path relative to home would be actually supported and not broken.