Relation between Nextcloud Hub and versions and it rationale

I do not really understand what Nextcloud Hub stands for.
I read about Nextcloud Hub 3 and Nextcloud Server version 25 with all its applications with their own versions.
What is the relation between the Nextcloud Hub version scheme and the Nextcloud Server versioning scheme?
What is the rationale for the introduction of the Nextcloud Hub idea? For me it is rather confusing.


My guess: It’s a marketing gag. Version 17, 18, 19, … doesn’t look like “big new features”, so it looks like every while and then a “big new version” will be tagged and called “Hub X”, so the media writes more intensive about it :man_shrugging:

However, for me as a user it is also irrationale and confusing. I personally prefer a clear version scheme.


To get a first-hand answer, watch this…


Adding a note in the change log that its server version 25 hub version 3 would help remove any confusion. Marketing aside if your confusing people you’re doing it wrong.

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