Rejected from signing up with Hetzner's managed Nextcloud service

I am punishing myself going through Hetzners sign up process in order to use their shared storage/next cloud managed service. After being asked to upload ID, I sent them my passport via the secure upload link, to which they responded:

“After reviewing your updated customer information, we have decided to deactivate your account because of some concerns we have regarding this information. Therefore, we have cancelled all your existing products and orders with us.”

I have no idea what to correct or what this false flag is that’s preventing my account from being created.

The only thing I can think of is that I’m currently in Mexico attempting to sign up while my application, ID and address are all tied to USA. Perhaps they have an ip/location check?

Is there anything I can do?

Previously I tried to use CloudAmo but they don’t have smbclient installed thus cannot use external storage/webdav.

I have nextcloud running locally via docker but I’d prefer a turnkey hosted solution that someone else manages. Any recommendations or advice?

What is the reason for preferring a turnkey solution?

Have you considered spinning up a AWS Lighsail NC docker?

They said “regarding this information”, so perhaps they have doubt if the passport was stolen or from someone else. But we can’t know. So the best is to ask them and in case it is the location, you can perhaps redo the procedure when you are back at your official address.
Or look for a different provider, there are a lot on the Nextcloud homepage (Simple sign-up for hosted Nextcloud – Nextcloud), checkout the feedback.

I followed up with an email to them and they approved!

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