Reinstalling Nextcloud without losing data

Hello guys, I made a rookie mistake and forgot my ncp-web passoword for my nextcloudpi setup. I have a Rpi4 hooked up with a 6tb usb drive a month ago. It works fine and I can access it with my admin user account.

My problem is I forgot the password for the ncp-web interface, as well as the password for the Rpi user account. I can not access shell or ssh

I want advice on how i should move forward, I don’t have a problem reinstalling nextcloudpi but all the data on the external drive I need to keep. I did not specifically enable any encryption so I am hoping its not enabled by default

I’ve read about the occ command but I do no think I can use it because do not have shell access yet?

Hi, since your NC data is in your 6TB USB drive, you can shut down your Pi, pull out the USB drive and connect to another computer to confirm.

Once you’ve confirmed all the data is intact and safe, you are free to wipe and redo your Pi and NextCloud.

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