Reinstall NextCloud clean after hacky rescue

Hello everybody,

I had to make some hacky rescue installation after something happend, which i don’t remeber exactly anymore. Point is, i use the git 22.0 alpha Version right now, and would like to do a clean reinstall to the latest stable version, without loosing all the shared links (because some people depend on them), and resyncing the whole folder (140gb take a while with 10mbit/s…).
I am unsure if i can just update through the regular tools, and honestly also lost some trust in them, after nearly every previous update process has gone wrong (stuck in some of the update steps) :expressionless:

My core question is, how can i preserve the “config” with all the shared links, Users, etc and the data folder, and implement them into a new install?

I use a manual install, as i wanted to learn as much as i can from the process so no docker or snap, nginx, MySQL and Ubuntu 18.04 as the base.

Maybe my way of thinking how to approach my problem is also wrong, which i won’t hesitate to admit, as i am still very new to the whole server stuff. But i would be very happy to learn.

Thank you all very much in advance.

The config will then include the users and shared links and stuff? Or ist that stored elsewhere?

“The config” (link, users, etc.) is stored in the database.

Okay, thank you very much, i will then try a clean install, and replace data, config and database with the backups :slight_smile: