Regular Password-Change and Encryption

Hey All,

i have a problem with my encryptet userfolders on a nc 11 instance in aws.
On this machine are hundreds of users - from LDAP.

Our company security guidelines want every user to change it’s password every X months.
Well - because our userfolders in nc are encrypted we have some support effort.
Not to mention if a user can’t remember it’s old pw.

Wich solution does nc provide in such cases?
We’re know that there is a master key - but as i said - we have to minimize our support times.

Thx and Cheers!

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No solution on this one? :disappointed_relieved:

I’m curious about this as well. Is there some type of method to either recover the files or as a final method delete the user’s existing folders/files so that the old password is no longer needed? If the user has forgotten their old password, then there should be a nuclear reset of their files so that they can at least upload/download new ones.

Or is there some other solution as well? Thanks!

Seems like the real problem isn’t what the title implies (LDAP and passwords) but rather related to the NC encryption feature… maybe this will be less problematic with the new NC13 end to end encryption?

But for those searching for LDAP and password admin, this might be a good solution:

I changed the title.

Using encryption and loosing passwords is a bad combination. I don’t really know what solution you are seeking, if everybody could easily forget his password, reset it and then restore the files, what should it protect against?

If there is a business case, you can also discuss solutions with the enterprise support, you can give them the resources to implement a solution.