Registration pending until admin verifies user


we are student’s council of an university and looking for some specific account registration on our nextcloud.

The flow is supposed to be like this:

  1. User fills in registration form (would be nice if it is working via some API on our website) and submits
  2. Registration is pending until he/she visits us at our office hour to verify he/she is student of our university, meanwhile pending registration appears in some table or something similar
  3. When user is verified by the student council, we click on “Verify” in the table
  4. User gets verification e-mail and can log in now

We are currently using nextcloud 18.0.4. The system is running on Debian 9 with nginx. Since we have full access to our server, we would be able to set up a custom solution, but we would rather use a already existing app if there is one fitting our problem.