Register when a shared link is opened (not downloaded)

I’ve seen an app that shows in activity when a file (shared link) is downloaded but, is there any way to trace when a shared link has been opened?

For example if I share a file with password and someone access to the link and introduce the right pwd I need to know that it has been opened (with date and time).

Is this possible?

There is nothing built in.

You could monitor this externally from Matomo and the Matomo integration plugin in the appstore. You can google or internet search how to do this. Good luck

Something like that?

Not exactly. I just want to know, as admin, when a shared link is opened. There is an app that shows when a shared link is downloaded but imagine that the shared link is a PDF, it could be readed and it would not be registered.

The Apache log shows that info but I would prefer to have that stored in a database inside NC.

No real idea. But you can put the PDF in a ZIP file. Logging read accesses is not a good idea. Why do you really need that? Is there no other way? Download and View is in HTTP-view the same. But many and probably also the programmers of Activity have not understood that yet. You are right. That is wrong and useless.

You are sure? Because to show it, it has to be loaded as well. Not sure at which point this app is implemented. Anyway, it could be done in an app.
If you want to have something quick and dirty, perhaps you find some hint in the logfiles, and then you can check the logfile (either by some program, a script or whatever).

But just because the file is opened, doesn’t mean it is properly shown on the screen (pdf has sometime compatibility issues). Just in case, you wanted to proof, that someone was reading it… (then tell me when you read the last user license agreement ;-))

It has sense to log when a user introduce the password of a link since the file could be visualized without download, and the target is to store in the DB when a shared link has been opened. Anyway I solved it, now the only way to see the file is downloading it so I can use the app that stores in the activity log that event.

Now the problem is the lack of information about that event, it stores just “the file has been opened 2 hours ago”, should be fine, at least, to have the IP or any other info about the client.

Anyway by now it’s solved, thanks for the ideas :wink: