Regenerating Previews

Hi there,

I’m using since the previews were taking a lot of space (23 GB) with the default Nextcloud config.

I’ve deleted the old previews and been using occ preview:generate-all to regenerate the previews, however it’s taking a long time (days). Can the preview:generate-all process be restarted at any time, or do the previews have to be deleted and started again from scratch?


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If you want to reduced the amount of disk space used for preview files, you should think about customizing the number of files being created in advance as described here.

Due to the fact that it is possible to parse a scan path to the command (--path=...) it shouldn’t be a problem to start the program several time. BTW, using the screen command on your server you can e.g. run the scan command in the background without the requirement to keep a shell session open all the time :wink:

Thanks! That’s good to know about re-running it. I’ve got that config applied and running through screen. The main issue was performance since it was slowing the instance down… I’ll let it run this weekend and then perhaps use a “nice” value on Monday if it’s still running.