Reference / Link different cards on each other

Hi there,
we are new using desk and actually we transfer our trello board to desk. It seems to work great, with one issue.

I need to reference cards in the same board in each other.


we use a topic: “team meeting” and one for " task in progress"

in topic “team meeting” we use cards for every meeting (with meeting members, results an so on) an i need to reference the cards we talked about in the meeting (in trello it works in both directions)

What is what i wanna see:
in the meeting card: link / reference to the topic cards we talkes about
in the Topic card: link / reference to the meeting cards

Hope you all can understand my first topic here very well :slight_smile:

Hope you can help me

Have a nice day

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Hello and welcome to the community support forum :wave:

Unfortunately this is currently not yet possible.

There are various issues like

A similar feature (“Projects”) existed once, but has been replaced by “Related Ressources” which are way less configurable.

Hi Stefan,
thanks for your replay.
Now i am sure that i am not alone with this problem :slight_smile:

i found this: Improve reference provider and add reference widgets by julien-nc · Pull Request #4422 · nextcloud/deck · GitHub in the release tracker for the version 1.9.0 beta. Do you already testet this beta… it seems that this could be a resolution for my problem?!


Hi all,
do anybody knows when Deck 1.9.0 beta becomes stable and get released?


Togethet with NC26 final release (probably the march)

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