Redirection AppData\Nexcloud\._sync*.db*


I am using a Windows domain environment with server-sided profiles, combined with folder redirection (common Windows Server feature).
The result: %LocalAppData% is a local folder, %AppData% is on a network share.
Being logged in with the same Windows user on multiple devices, leads to issues with the DB files Nextcloud uses within the %AppData% folder.
Nextcloud client runs on every device, but the profile points to the same %AppData% folder - so this is fine e.g. for the nextcloud.cfg, but not for the .db* files, they will get corrupted.

IMHO, not knowing which (sqlite?) data is stored there, a better default location for those db files would be %LocalAppData%, where Nextcloud has already stored some data. Only the configuration file should be stored in %AppData%.

Is there a way how I can redirect (relocate) the ._sync*.db* files, e.g. via a registry key?
A workaround would be creating a symbolic link (junction etc.) via mklink, but of course this would not be the best way.

Thank you,

Nevermind, I will use client v2.x, it works with it flawlessly.