Redirect data folder to NFS share


Hi again,

I got another issue. When I was using the NCP Docker image, I redirected the data folder to a mounted NFS share of my Synology NAS.

Because of the amount of data, I need to redirect the data folder to the NFS share again - but now I’m not using the Docker image anymore, as I ran into serious issues over and over again.

Unfortunately, when I try to do so using ncp-setup, I get the error message that I only can use ext or btrfs. Am I doomed now? :frowning:

Thanks for any hints.


How do you mount the data in general?
Do you mount it on Debian with fstab and or do you want ncp to mount the share?

The next question would be why you use NFS is there a special reason for that.

As more information you provide as easier it is to help.

Until now, I used Docker and redirected the data folder to a mounted NFS share.
I will use fstab when everything starts working. Using Nextcloud to mount would be hard to achieve, because I still have got my full NCP backup from before the Docker container was trashed. I’d like to restore it. Otherwise, it would be a big hassle to recreate all those calendars, shares, …

After my research, I felt like Windows=samba and Linux=NFS. So I went with that. Additionally, at some point in time, I wanted to encrypt the data, which is supported by NFSv4. But if I have to change to another protocol, I’m fine with that.

I’ve got quite the amount of data, and it will become more and more. So I wanted to store it on a NAS with RAID1 - that’s why I’m bound to use a NAS.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Just for reference: I wasn’t able to get it to work, using the NFS share. So I went back again to the Docker image. After a lot of hassle, I was able to restore the full backup. So, at least the instance is up and running again.