Recurring tasks support in the tasks app

Testing the tasks app I’m really impressed how it works. If it now also supported recurring tasks, that would be awesome. Is that possible and/or planned?

Ask on the appropriate issue tracker :wink:

Done that here:

I would have normally gone to the issue queue if not the app store from NextCloud would direct people here for discussions and questions. So maybe, the app store should be updated?

Well there are three buttons:

  • “report problem”
  • “request feature” (this is what you want) and
  • “ask questions or discuss”

Can’t confirm, I only see the “ask questions or discuss” button - and the link behind that is going to a wrong target as well.

Just checked, yeah, the app does not add its issue tracker in the info.xml. You can file a bug for that btw. Check for instance which has all three buttons

Will do. What’s probably missing here though is the sub-tag “tasks” to the “apps” category, because the link for discussions goes to which doesn’t exist. The one for news goes to, which is OK.

yeah, thats because the store sysadmins havent yet correctly set up forum integration (cc @LukasReschke)

The store should create the category automatically on app creation, provided a correct user, password and forum domain is set