Recurring events Issue, Past events Change

Hi there. First time post, so please forgive me if I miss any info.
I run Nextcloud 17 on my unraid server. I am not horribly good with linux but I usually can get myself out of a jam if I can find detailed instructions.

My wife and I are swapping as much as we can away from Google services but this one minor issue has us sticking with a calendar over there on the dark side.

We use a separate calendar for bills. We have recurring bills each month and they are put on the calendar each month in the format : Bill Name ($XX.XX) Paid

The issue is that when we update the current bill with the amount of the bill, it changes all PAST events to that same title. Is there an option to change only the title of the event going forward and not going back? We like to have a history of how much each bill was in the past. I can see this being useful for other situations also. Maybe just add an option to change going forward?

Thank you for the great app for nextcloud and I appreciate the time that you took to look at this.