Recurring Appointment - Changing a time doesnt work across Platforms

Hi there,

i am currently setting up and testing a nextcloud platform for calendars mostly. When testing around i found out about a problem that might be because of nextcloud, or just the way calendar tools handle appointments:

Here´s the problem:

When making a recurring appointment its gets perfectly synced via all platforms (mac calendar, iphone, thunderbird). Deleting a single appointment or the whole group will work fine too. Thus changing the time of one single appointment makes the whole thing incomplete.

  • When changing via mac everything works
  • When changing via iphone everything works
  • When changing via Thunderbird i can see the appointment get changed in the nextcloud and also in Thunderbird, though the Apple Devices dont realize the change.

Editing an already edited appointment via Apple will overwrite the change of Thunderbird and make the appointment synched on the state of the apple device again.

Any ideas why this might happen?

Thank you for your great tool!

Yes, this function hasn’t been implemented yet. See for further details and wait for the Calendar app v2.0 to be published :wink:

Hi there,
thanks for the quick answer. Its nice to know that its already getting fixed.

As far as i can see calendar 2.0 had its rc1 2 days ago and today 2.0.0 was released. Seems like it might find its way into nextcloud quite soon?

Have a nice day.

Hi there,

a colleague of mine just set up the docker instance of Nextcloud Rc with the 2.0.0 Calendar included.

Unfortunately the problem seems to still be in there. Still can move a reccuring Appointment with Thunderbird and Apple Calendar wont realize it. Though if i delete it, its fine.

Have a nice day