Recreate folder hierarchy in trash when a file is deleted within a groupfolder

Hello community!

We have people inside groupfolders and they delete many files which cause trash to load very slow or even to stop working properly, so in order to solve that we want to recreate the folder structure (hierarchy) in trash.

E.g: If a user deletes “file” within “groupfolder-example” we want “file” to be displayed in trash inside “groupfolder-example”.

Can please someoane give me a hint where I should look in order to do that?


I do not believe that such a feature exists today.

I’m assuming we should make something when file is deleted, and not when we load the trash because that would make trash load even slow.

Yes, It does not exist, but maybe someone with much more experience will help me to create that.
I’ve already implemented this for normal folders, but groupfolders acts differently and I need some help from someone with more experience.