Recovery from erroneous sync client connection

Interesting situation - I had a computer that I had disconnected from the sync client about 3 weeks ago. In that time I had done some major housekeeping with the files in NC. The sync app mysteriously (probably me whilst drunk) reconnected to the server and messed up all of the housekeeping that I had done. I have snapshot backups but just replacing the existing filesystem with the snapshot would of course undo all of the work since the snapshot. I could mount the snapshot and use beyond compare to see what has changed, but it’s had to know what other users have done. It would be great to be able to show all activity by a user (which you can) but then revert any changes or at least audit them. A fantastic feature for enterprise.

How did you do your housekeeping? You didn’t change stuff manually in the data folder and recreated the filecache-table (occ files:scan)? This would mess up already connected clients. If you have done it through the webinterface, webdav or with a client, it should be able to detect that the changes are more recent.

By housekeeping I just mean that I’ve done some cleaning up, deletion, renaming and moving files around using the sync client on a different computer. This is my NC server, not a clients, even still it took over a day to get back to where I had it. I’m not complaining though, nothing has this feature and it’s not NC’s fault. I just think it would be a cool feature to “revert all changes from client X”. Because the erroneous changes were happening at the same time on a different sync client while I was doing the housekeeping, it’s impossible to know which computer did what. In the activity feed it’s all “you deleted X” and “you moved file X”.