Recovery From Catastrophic Disk Failure

I had a disk failure that’s, unfortunately, lost all the files and I don’t have any recent backups (I know, I know).

I do have the database and, thanks to the sync app, there are locally sync’d copies of most of the files.

I’d like to rebuild the cloud back to as close to its previous state as possible. But, before I do anything, I want to make absolutely sure that I’m following the right procedures.

If I reinstall Nextcloud and hook it up to its database, then will the sync apps naturally sync from the local copies back to the cloud once more?

Whilst the database will have the user information, the actual directories in the data folder won’t be there. Would I need to recreate these? There’s a couple dozen of users on our system.

Basically, this is a bit of a major catastrophe and I’m doing my best to recover as much as possible and restore service again. Probably some things are now unrecoverable, but I’d like to restore as much as I can.

Desperately needing some good advice.