Recover Nextcloud from failed FreeNAS instance

some years ago i set up a NAS with the following:

HP Micro Server Gen.8, 4GB Ram, 2x2 TB in Raid, 16 Gb USB stick for OS.
Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): don’t remember
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Freenas 11.2 (not really sure)

The issue you are facing:
After the updating the latest FreeNAS (11.2 ?) the Nextcloud service had an issue, i could not update to the latest version.
Soon after this, the server failed to boot from the USB. Now I’m trying to reinstall the FreeNAS, or maybe the TrueNas.

My question is:

  • how to recover all i had in the former Nextcloud service?
  • will i lose all the accounts and files i have there?
    Can you point me to some doc to follow or have such steps to perform?


start here:

you will need your data and your database to recover your instance. Depending on how many data you can grab from the old server you may may not be able to recover the application.

Thank you,
Will try and if got stuck will comeback.
Should i go with TrueNas or an older FreeNas?