Recover deleted Conversation

Hi Devs,

Unfortunatly a conversation in talk was deleted.

Is there any way to recover the conversation (if necessary on Database level).

I do not know what happens if I leave a conversation with two people. Will the conversation be deleted too?

Thank you.

Hi, could you find out what happens when somebody clicks on “delete conversation” - gone for good or stored somewhere like in a recycle bin? I deleted a conversation I didn’t mean to and now I have the same headaches. Conversations should land into some kind of trash bin first before letting them go to final deletion :(:cold_sweat:

Sorry for writing this late.

No unfortunatly I did not find it anymore. I did not have backups so it was gone.

I wish you could find it.

Still hoping something like that will be implemented :grinning:

Hi, if if you do not have a backup of your conversation, maybe you need to apply a third-party tool. I have used the tool named the Bitwar Data Recovery, it can supports recovering contacts and other types of files, I think you can have a try. If you do not want to lose conversation next time, you should always make a backup. Hope it can help you anyway.