Recover and possibly upgrade NC 13

Hi, my (physical) server just died.
Hard disk seem unrecoverable, but fortunately my “data” folder is on a different device (NAS), so I can retrieve all users files and directories.
I also have backup of document_root where NC is, and the MySQL database.
My doubt is:

  • it is better to reinstall on a fresh server the same OS version (ubuntu 16 LTS) and then try to migrate until NC 20, or
  • install latest ubuntu (20 LTS?), install latest NC version, and try to import database?
    could it work with so different version?

Thank you very much

If it is just for the data, set up a new version. If you have a lot of users and shares, if you use data in the apps, then do an upgrade through all major versions up to NC 20.

The OS version is not important for the updates (a bit because of the php dependencies), but I’d start fresh on a current system (rather ubuntu 20.04 than 16.04).

If you have backup of data and database, you can also try different solutions and go back to the old backup or start over fresh.

Thank you!