Recover a document

I have missclick on the “deleted” button of my odt document ( edited with collabora).
There is no trace of it in the “bin” folder.
How can I get it back, is that possible ?
It’s a big document and unfortunately I haven’t made a recent backup.
Thank you.

Ps: I wanted to download it to make a backup when I missclick…

dont you have in the Webinterface, Files, below at the left side: Trash?

Yes, but they are older files and there is no my document ( nor any odt document by the way).
However, the fact that I deleted the document appears in the “activity” tab.

Shi…, take a look to nextcloud/data/user/files_trashbin/files
Depends to your Installation ’

no trace of the document. :confused:
( I tried to search the whole PC for all the documents in".odt", but nothing that interests me. My last hope is the cache of my browser but it seems to be nothing either. I tried to recover it with the hard drive and it didn’t work. )

I think I definitely lost the file.
Missclick, I hate you. And Nextcloud to not put .odf file on the trash.

And Ertuit will make backups in the near future😁

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Hello, if you can not find your file on the recycle bin, it means you delete it permanently. In such a situation, you may need to apply a recovery tool to recover it. I think you can try Bitwar Data Recovery, a free but effective recovery tool. Hope it still helps.
Best regards.