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So I would really like the ability to record audio notes in the Android App like Evernote and One note can. I’ve played around with Android Studio before so I followed the help contribute link. I’ve never used github before but I managed to “fork” the project and build it on an emulator and everything seamed to be working. I spent yesterday adding a microphone icon in the floating button launcher and adding permissions for audio recording etc… Today I go back to actually add the functionality of recording a file in the button click event and the nextcloud app stops working as soon as I run it in the emulator. What changed between now and yesterday? Since I forked Main could somebody have changed something overnight that broke it and my project? Do I need to save changes I made to github or are they saved locally? How do I start over, re-fork? I really thought I’d have this working today but now I just think I’ve wasted my time.

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Hard to answer. Anything done to the main repository over at …/nextcloud/android… won’t have any impact on your fork which is more or less a linked copy. So anything you do locally (in your clone on your pc) won’t affect your fork before you do a git push. Also no changes made to the nextcloud repository will be showing up in your fork before you actively pull them/rebase against that repo. So there should be no change lost except in case you did a revert locally.

So to answer your questions one by one.

regarding the Nextcloud repository only updated translations but like I said that doesn’t impact your fork

No since you are by default the only person who is able to write to your fork

They are stored locally but my advice would also be to do a git push to have them on github just in case your hard drive dies for some reason so you’ll have a backup.

That would be one way while I don’t see a reason why your changes should have been lost (except when you did a revert). So they should be somewhere but in case you want or need to start all over I’d say simply re-fork since you’ll then start off the latest revision of the code base.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I have to admit I am at a complete loss as to why clicking File–> Save All in Android studio and rebooting my computer would render my project completely UN-runable. I must be misunderstanding how Android studio manages and builds projects.

You are very welcome!

That should not happen… In this case all your changes should have been saved to the checked-out/cloned version so it should be somewhere on your hard drive. What could happen though is that Android Studio or gradle to be precise hasa issues resolving the dependencies as in jars it needs to load from the internet. Other than that if it built at some point it should go on being able to build if you don’t do any changes…

So I thought I’d take another look at my project to see if I can figure out what happened. Upon starting Android studio I was notified of an update to 3.0.1 and I figured it couldn’t hurt. Long story short everything is working fine again. Unbelievable.

Glad to hear everything is back to normal! Happy coding:slight_smile: