Recommended number of cores, RAM for small business installation?

I am planning to set up a Nextcloud with Collabora for a small business, 120 accounts but maximum 25 are used at the same time, currently ~130GB, mostly used for office files, but also 40GB of fotos and videos, will probably set up storage space of 200GB or 300GB. We will also use Talk, with the High Performance Backend from

Do you have suggestions for:
-> how many cores?
-> how much RAM?
-> is cpu or ram more important?

I am planning to use vps cloud from and there I have to select number of cpus and ram… Their support did not give me a helpful answer…

Yes I saw this but that is minumum requirements - I would like to know what I need to make it run smoothely.

Thank you!

I run NextCloud and Traccar in a virtual machine with 2 cores and 1GB of RAM
The last hour I made changes in config, update and did one restart. As you can see the CPU utilization never rised more than 2%

So… 1 core and 512MB or 768MB should be good…
If more people share its resource list we could compare

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