Recommended docker installation for NC18?

Since OnlyOffice should be fully integrated now in NC18 (aka Hub), which is the recommended docker installation now?

Run the official docker image for NC18 and everything works even with the OnlyOffice integration? Is OnlyOffice also available through the official docker image?

Or better use setup scripts e.g. from @Reiner_Nippes and still run OnlyOffice in a separate container?

Thanks for all hints.

i understood it’s not a full OnlyOffice which you get with the integrated version.

Hmm, ok, so better use your setup solution even with NC18?
Currently i have a 17.0.2 version running for testing on a hosted platform with cPanel.
Therefore i cannot use OnlyOffice yet…

i haven’t tried the “embedded” OnlyOffice yet. and i didn’t change my playbook to automate the installation.
so i can’t tell you what’s missing.