Recommended Calendar clients in 2022?

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Curious about recommended calendar #clients for desktop and mobile as of 2022. Particularly curious about my best options for:

  • Easier entry of calendar information when creating events
  • Support for repeating and recurring events

Currently Iā€™m using Thunderbird, but Iā€™d be interested in any desktop alternatives (any operating system) or recommended Android applications. Thanks!

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On iOS, I just use the default calendar that supports caldav natively.

For desktop, I still use Thunderbird as well. If not on my personal computer, the webinterface does it job.

As a Linux / GNOME user Iā€™m using the integration in Gnome Online Accounts, which makes the Nextcloud calendar and contacts available in Evolution and Gnome Calendar / Contacts.

On mobile (Android / GarapheneOS) Iā€™m using DAVx5 and Simple Calendar Pro

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We can add sections for calendar and task apps
Afaik it is not yet possible to sort via the appstore

On Windows I use Thunderbird

On Android I use aCalender+ and DAVx5

on Android: BusinessCalendar 2 and DAVx5 via F-Droid

on Linux: no client, always web-interface

Just to be clear, there are plenty of CalDAV calendar clients available on Linux in case anyone reading this gets confused.

Of course, nothing wrong with the webui if that is your choice. :slight_smile:

Thunderbird is fine on Linux. Other Calendar apps also work fine. It is well supported.