Recommendation for filesystem based encryption for nextcloud data


I would like my Nextcloud data files to be encrypted using a filesystem/OS based encryption available from the Linux distribution or such and not the encryption module from Nextclould.

What would Nextcloud recommend to use in order to encrypt the data directory which contains all Nextcloud files?

That would be for a Linux Debian 9 installation inside a virtual machine.


For example Linux Hard Disk Encryption With LUKS

That seems to be a nice and secure way but unfortunately you will always have to type in the passphrase when rebooting which is not very convenient.

Security or no security. That ist the question :wink:

you got me :slight_smile:

Hi, I would like to use this old thread for my question: In my setup the database is in /var on the boot drive. The data itself is on an external drive. Is there any risk of data loss if I have the data drive encrypted with LUKS and maybe something goes wrong and the drive stays encrypted but somebody uses nextcloud. For example discrepancies between the sql database and the data files. Iss it even possible to use Nextcloud in cases where the data drive is still encrypted?