Rebuild my micro SD card

I’m curious to see what kind of reaction you will be getting from WDLabs. I contacted them on that matter, and they send me to the Nextcloud Support. That’s how I landed here :wink:

Which matter exactly?

I have a broken SD card too and have been waiting for over a month in the hope that the “official” image would be released.
It seems this will not be the case and I made the mistake of not creating a backup. Any advice on how to get the box up and running soon will be greatly appreciated…

@Oparoz: On the fact that I managed to break my sd-card and asking for a replacement. I was told: “Unfortunately, for this matter I can’t help you out. Plsease contact with Nextxloud directly. You are always welcome to contact us regarding any issues with WD Drives”…

And that’s what I did. It finally helped me to rebuild an sd-card as mentioned earlier in this thread, even though I was sceptical, I would be able to do this. But the instructions were pretty easy to follow. The good thing is: I learned something new from my bad luck :wink:

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Many thanks @Datti . That’s not ideal and I hope we’re going to be able to fix that.

The good news is that we’re very close to being able to deliver that new Pi2/3 image!
(next week)

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I broke my card as well, never did that before, send a direct message to @JasonBayton hope he replies but also wondering if 8 days ago @oparoz said very close to deliver new image, how very close is it today?

I was hoping to have good news for the weekend, but it’s going to take a few more days.

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Sorry for the delay, I was eating scones with cream and jam. It was too epic to put down in order to message you back immediately; hope you understand.

Link sent!

I fully understand, I would rather eat scones with cream and jam than trying to get my nextcloud box working, but thanks anyway

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Sounds great, do you think it will be available before Xmas?

I have no idea what I did with my SD card… After the reboot for the updates… i coudlnt get a DHCP address for the life of me… So i tried doing the file edit and formatting out the disk…
tried replacing the ethernet cable…
Theres no link lights… it was working reasonably well untill i did an update this morning…
Not sure where i screwed up or if its just coincidental…

cant see it via DHCP and its not going on the network…(no ethernet port status lights)

Any suggestions… For now its a glorified paperweight…
Awfully coincidental if its a pi failure…


Update: Not a Pi failure … imaged Minibian onto an SD card and plugged it in, PI connected right up to the network…(ethernet port status lights up, as well as visible on the network)
So add me to the list of folks who toasted their OS SD card… still dont know how/why… all i did was an apt-get update and upgrade, and made sure to refresh the snaps and forced sync before reboot

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will it ever be available?

I can tell you that it is extremely frustrating to be unable to use a product where both manufacturers (western digital + nextcloud) adamantly deny support or replacement for a broken piece of hardware. e.g. MicroSD-card.
Nextcloud is not able or willing to publish an address where I could download an image to build a new one.
Western digital refuses contact altogether.
It is ridiculous!
I’m very frustrated


For me it has been over 3 months now of waiting for the image to be released…I really wouldn’t mind putting in the work myself to create an image but being a newbie i would need some guidance to successfully accomplish this. This is what i originally asked for but instead it was repeatedly stated that the card image was basically done and to be released shortly so waiting seemed the smarter option. 3 months down the line nothing has changed it seems…

Folks, @joltdude @BenBenna @kamonohashi
I’m offering a solution above until such time it’s available.

Vent your frustrations, sure, but consider also you’re the first customer of this kind; first for NC with this type of project, and first for the IoT industry (if Canonical are anything to go by). NC have teamed up with two different suppliers in this (excluding whoever may make the case) which will always add delays and complexity with each having their own SLAs, support routes and whatnot. I’d have liked to see more of an official support route defined but they’ll know for next time.

NC aren’t keen on releasing the original image for reasons, fine. It’s bound to have been a learning experience for them and unfortunately we early adopters are the beta testers, as always.

When they do release a new image, it’ll work on more boards and come with many improvements. In the interim there’s no reason to be waiting 3 months when my image has been available for ages. It requires a little work to get it going but that’s what the community is for (if you can’t follow the instructions I supply with the image).

Message me, DM my tweeter or email me. It’s all there via my profile pic in the corner of this post.

@oparoz @jospoortvliet if you’re happy with me making the image more easily accessible until such time it’s available give me the :thumbsup: and I’ll create a post with the link. I can’t see these complaints dying down until something happens and it sucks paying customers can’t use their hardware – they’re supporting NC after all.


Purely a legal issue. Signed agreement for distribution of an Ubuntu distribution…
We just assumed it would be possible to post the image.

The next image, delayed until January unfortunately, will be available online.

I don’t think any of us will stop you. You’re a user, you have read the documentation given to you with the product and have determined that sharing that backup was OK, so you can do as you please. We have a different relationship with Canonical and just can’t do that.

I knew it was Canonical but I figured it was the type of image they’ve supplied rather than anything else.

It’s not so much about stopping me. I haven’t shared it to avoid pissing anyone off and if it would do that then I’d carry on with the private message system I’m offering now.

Good news, we have the go ahead, so I’ll post a link to the image


THX to @oparoz - Great news :smile: