Rebrand iOS app

Did anyone Rebrand iOS app? I’m new to nextcloud iOS app.

Yes, it requires paying money to apple. You can internet search the details, but it will cost you money to rebrand and be included in the apple store so your users can install it.

thanks you

The normal way to use Nextcloud is to add your own custom theme and graphics to your installation. This means, though the iOS icon will look like Nextcloud, the actual layout, graphics and look within the app will match your particular server setup. Details at

In order to spread Nextcloud further, it is far better if third parties recognize the cloud as a Nextcloud instance. As far as I know, there is also no individualization for Microsoft365 or iCloud. This is free advertising for Microsoft and Apple and not your business.

For the starting page in webbased nextcloud i like nature pictures with Spash App.

I think the most important branding at nextcloud is the name

@devnull Thanks for the details