Rearranging subpages to other pages

firstly I want to point out that I like collectives a lot as a very easy option for knowledge management! Thank you!

This question is not about the ordering of pages, but about the hierarchy and if it is possible to edit the hierarchy.

So one can create a collective and inside the collective one can create pages, for which one can create subpages, for which one can create subsubpages,…

I created a few pages and then wanted to sort them a little differently, eg. we made several recipes as pages, and later made some category pages (soup, pasta, salad, …) and wanted to rearrange the according recipes under the new category pages. But if I see correctly, then there is no possibility for this inside the editor right now, so the only option is to recreate the pages as subpages, right?

Being able to rearrange would be great, especially as one could have one page with a template that works for all other pages and wouldn’t have to create templates for each page separately, but could create the template under the first page and then eg. drag and drop the new subpage to a subpage of another category page.

Thanks for your help in advance and thank for offering and contributing to this great software environment!

Hey @kelvin,

thanks for your feedback! Indeed, there’s currently no easy way to move subpages around in the page hierarchy of a collective. It’s a known shortcoming and there’s an issue to track it:

For now, the only way to move a page to a different place in the page hierarchy is to open the Collectives folder in the Files app and move it around there. You find a link to open pages in the Files app in the sidebar on the right side of pages in Collectives.