Rearranging Page Order (non-sequentially)?

Is it possible to rearrange the page/subpage order? I need pages in a specific sequence that don’t correspond to an alphabetical sort or time-based sort.

Think of laying out a book with multiple subject headings that get moved around to various places as things progress. Is that possible and I’m missing it? Something that’s in the works, or something that will probably never happen?


Hey @infochuck!

apart from alphabetical and time-based sorting, nothing to rearrange page order is planed so far. Also please note that the page sorting switch is an individual setting which doesn’t change the sort order for other members of the collective.

A common solution to enforce a particular sort order (with alphabetical sorting) is to let page names start with a chapter number (like “1. Introduction”, “2. How pinky aims to take over the world”, “3. Brains secret Recipes”).

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