Reading NC data on different device

Dear Community,
I had a problem last year to upgrade my Linux distribution of my NCP to Bullseye, because I could no longer get into my CLI. Probably due to the wrong entry of my PW. I used an external SSD hard disk as storage. Now I would like to read out and backup the data on this storage via laptop or stand PC to then be able to freshly set up my Nextcloud. Unfortunately, my laptop running Linux Mint tells me that there are no images when I click on the files on the SSD card. Does anyone have any experience or tips on how to read and backup the files on the Nextcloud storage device to another device?

You could always reset your pw.

You’ll need to retrieve your data off of the disk.

If you’ve lost the data there is nothing we can do for you.

Only if the data is actually on the disk, which you say it isn’t. You’ll need to go onto that disk and find the nextcloud data directory manually, if it exists.

With no other information, it is impossible to help you further. You cannot access your device directly and you have no backups and your disk is empty. Sounds like a problem. Please read our documentation in case any of it helps you, along with Nextcloud admin documentation. Good luck with digging around on your disk and hope you are able to location a data directory you previously used with ncp.

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I finally retrieved the data from my ssd. My only problem is, that I need the admin pw which I obviously cant remember…Is there an option to save the backup files nonetheless without knowing the password?

I retrieved my ssd and tried to change the pw but I’m not able to. When I start my raspberry with the ssd mounted i get asked for user/pw immediately. I’m not able to see “GRUB” like mentioned in various solutions i found in the net. I’m not able to access the cli. To see the files i installed virtual box with ubuntu and I’m able to plug in the ssd and see the files. But the access is denied when I try to enter e.g. root folder etc.
Any help appreciated, thx in advance!