Reading folders results in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Hi all.

So I am using the nextcloud github library. I am working with a nexcloud version 9+. But I am not able to read files using the provided methods. I am able to login via correct credentials.

About my problem:
Just as a “control group” I try to access a non existing file in the home folder:

		refreshOperation.execute(cloudClient, this, handler);```

The resulting log shows that everything is working as intended so far:
```E/ReadRemoteFolderOperation: Synchronized file_that_does_not_exist: Local file does not exist```

A non existing file is displayed as such. Great. :thumbsup:
But when I try to access an existing directory via

```ReadRemoteFolderOperation refreshOperation = new ReadRemoteFolderOperation(FileUtils.PATH_SEPARATOR);
		refreshOperation.execute(cloudClient, this, handler);```

I get this error in the log:
```E/ReadRemoteFolderOperation: Synchronized /: Unexpected exception
                                                                           java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=1; index=1

I have also connected to the same nextcould server from the official app. I used the log to find some file URIs and tried them out in my app. This resulted in the same ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error.

I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions. Maybe my input is wrong all the time?
Fine regards,

Hi Nils,

we experience the same error every once in a while in the Google developer console but haven’t found the cause of this yet since neither @tobiasKaminsky nor I ever experienced this issue. So we can’t reproduce it but if you have any information that can help find the cause of this we can look for a fix. Sorry for the bad news :frowning: This issue has been present for quite a while now.

Best regards,

Same issue here, still doesnt have a fix?